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Welcome to BLAC Inc, a lifestyle brand and multimedia company that celebrates Black lives, culture, thoughts, matters, and excellence. For over 20 years, we have represented the diverse and brilliant voices of the Black community, providing in-depth stories and ideas that resonate with our audience.

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Our engaging and transformative content is the catalyst for change, galvanizing thought and welcoming conversations, opinions, and perspectives. Ignite Your Brand’s Growth: By advertising with us, you’ll engage with a community that values trust, respect, and meaningful connections. Position your brand front and center, unlocking new opportunities and amplifying your message among our devoted audience.

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BLAC® Digital Opportunities

BLAC Fridays: Weekly newsletter featuring curated content around Black Lives

BLAC Finance: Black-owned business news and advice.

BLAC Mail: Topical newsletter with curated content.

BLAC Happy Hour: Black-owned liquor brands and recipes.

Cooking with BLAC: Culinary inspiration and recipes.

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Local Focus Websites

Our Local Focus websites provide original digital content that engages readers with an in-depth look at news and happenings in and around where they live, work, and spend leisure time.

BLAC Detroit

BLAC Memphis

BLAC Houston

Print Products

BLACⓇ Magazine: Black Life, Arts & Culture publication with in-depth features and thought-provoking dialogue.

BLAC Detroit Magazine: Focused on the vibrant city of Detroit.

BLAC Memphis Magazine: Showcasing the rich culture of Memphis.

BLAC Houston Magazine: Exploring the dynamic city of Houston.

BLAC® Studio


A full-service advertising agency, providing marketing strategy, campaign strategy and management, media buying (traditional/digital), social media management, SEO, and graphic design.

BLAC Media

Our extensive creative talent works directly with partners to effectively and respectfully engage and influence Black audiences, providing full-service video production for agencies and global companies.

Audience Insight Consulting

We help you research, identify, and understand meaningful and actionable audience insights to drive your brand communication and your business, leveraging the fact that Black audiences spend more time with media than any other group.

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The percentage of high-income households has increased by 26% among
Black/African American households, compared to 19% of the total US population.

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